It has been revealed in a new survey that up to three quarters of small business owners find it difficult to go on holiday and leave their work concerns at home. With many freelancers providing ongoing services for a range of companies, sole contractors also feel concerned, finding that they are unable to relax whilst away. Whilst umbrella companies offer the ideal support for contractors, the uncertainty of long-term work keeps many individuals from unwinding fully.

The news comes after Intuit, the accountancy software provider, revealed results of its latest survey. 72% of small business owners worked whilst away, with a seventh admitting they spent less time relaxing than they did working. In addition, 22% of those questioned admitted that their first day back in the office left them more stressed than they had been before going on their break.

With many of these concerns also relating to the freelance market, Inuit revealed that ‘work-cations’ were increasing in prevalence, with individuals going on holiday but taking mobile devices and laptops with them so that they could work whilst away. Managing Director of Intuit UK, Pernille Bruun-Jensen, said “Everybody needs to take time off now and then but our findings show that small business owners never switch off, even when they could really do with switching off. Rather than not taking a break at all, many of them are choosing to take their business away on holiday with them.” With umbrella companies seeing a rising number of people in the freelance field, more people than ever are expected to be indulging in work whilst away.

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