With the General Election taking place tomorrow, contractor accountancy firm Brookson has conducted a poll to determine which political party contractors are planning to vote for. The result is a staggering support for the Conservative Party with almost 50% of respondents pledging their support to the party. 19.4% showed support for the Liberal Democrats with Labour in third place with 18.8%.

It is believed that the Conservatives have struck a chord with so many contractors due to their stance on tax and pledge to review unfair tax systems. Brookson said, in light of the manifesto pledges made by the Conservatives with regards to taxation of small firms, the result of their poll “is perhaps no surprise”. However, they did say that the 48% of respondents in their poll planning to vote Conservative represented a higher proportion than wider public opinion polls. On most polls though, including Brookson’s contractor poll, Labour will come third to Liberal Democrats.

Managing director of Brookson, Martin Hesketh, commented: “It is clear to me that the contractor and freelance community feels hard done-by under the current legislative regime. There is no doubt that there is a strong desire for change.”

In their poll, 13.8% were actually pledging their support to other parties, including the SNP, UKIP and the Green Party. With regards to support of the SNP, Brookson said this is a “reminder of the importance of the flexible workforce in Scotland, and particularly in the oil and gas industry.”

Mr Hesketh concluded that there are 3.25 million flexible workers in the UK which equates to more than 7% of the electorate. He stated that this is an approximation of the lead which any one political party would require to win overall majority and yet no single party seems to be addressing all of the needs of contractors to secure their votes.

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