The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) has written to Mark Prisk, Small Business Minister, regarding the lack of clarity which still surrounds the Agency Workers’ Regulations. They believe that these issues could have a detrimental effect on the freelance workforce in this country. Freelancers and contractors play an important role in the UK economy which is still fragile at present. To undermine their position in the country would be to undermine the recovery from recession.

Stuart Davis, FCSA Chairman, stated: “It is now clear from this advice that there are a number of other issues behind the scenes of the flexible labour market that could impact on freelancers. There are very serious questions that need to be answered about under what circumstances workers can claim to be genuinely self-employed or not and what information freelancers can use when choosing their model of working.”

Mr Davis concluded: “Without clarification these questions will naturally lead to uncertainty for freelancers and so risk undermining the smooth operation of the freelance workforce. That workforce is the engine that has driven the UK’s economic recovery. If those issues are not addressed soon, then the Government risks undermining that contribution.”

The FCSA are asking Mr Prisk for clarification on these outstanding points in relation to this legislation. They have also asked him to review the assessment of ‘vulnerable workers’ with regards to any future legislation.

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