A new survey featured in the online recruitment industry news source Global Recruiter has found that 85% of Umbrella Company Employees would encourage their colleagues to take up contracting.

Over half (53%) of those polled said that what they most enjoy about contracting is earning more money than they would as salaried permies, and 46% would cite this when recommending contracting to friends. 21% cited variety of available work as their chief reason for working as a contractor.

The respondents also demonstrated a strong work ethic, with 60% not taking a single day off sick for the last two years and 93% never having been sent home from work through illness; however, this may be due to the fact that nearly half (48%) do not have a safety net should they take sick leave on an extended basis.

Umbrella Company expert Chris Futcher, whose firm commissioned the poll, said: “Contractors are a committed and hardworking group who put their all into their jobs. They’re a great resource for businesses and an essential part of the UK economy. The flexibility they provide allows employers to respond to customer demand and remain competitive.”

The biggest area of concern for contractors was finding new contracts after the expiry of their current assignments, followed by keeping themselves up to date vis-à-vis learning and professional development. Commenting on this, Mr Futcher said: “Clearly it’s key for contractors to keep their professional development up to date, but they do have an advantage in that they gain varied experience and skills in each placement.”

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