The controversy surrounding the Agency Workers Regulations refuses to die down.  In the latest twist, industry representatives have been informed by government ministers that there is scope for further discussions on the soon-to-be-implemented legislation.

It was at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham last week that the REC confronted government ministers with their ongoing concerns regarding the impact these regulations will have on the freelance workforce.  REC representatives spoke directly with George Osborne and Chris Grayling, the minister for employment.

REC Chief Executive, Kevin Green, later commented: “We came to the Conservative Party Conference to engage with the new government on the AWR. We stressed that this is the first real test of the Government’s stated commitment to limit red tape and getting out of the way of business.”

He continued: “The plan to get more people off benefits and into work has been one of the main themes of the conference.  We have made the point to Ministers that the temporary employment market has a vital role to play in providing the necessary job opportunities for those coming off of benefit.  The new Government has made plenty of positive noises about helping businesses and boosting job creation.  It is now time to see some concrete action.”

However, anyone hoping that these discussions will result in the Con-Dem government scrapping this law will be disappointed as the AWD is actually a European directive which must be implemented by 1st October 2011.

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