Umbrella companies and limited companies alike may share the concerns raised by the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) over HMRC’s decision to begin its enhanced Business Records Checks (BRC) programme earlier than planned.

In response to the news, CIOT Deputy President Anthony Thomas met with officials from the Revenue this week and was reassured that the new development was only a “test and learn pilot” which will run until July. No penalties will be imposed unless evidence is found of loss, deliberate destruction or a complete lack of business records.

Mr Thomas welcomed HMRC’s reassurance of a no penalty trial but added that they “should have made this clear to tax advisers, business organisations and, above all, those tax payers – represented and unrepresented – they are targeting, from the outset.” He sharply criticised the Revenue for giving the impression that they were proceeding with the BRC project prematurely “and without listening to consultees.”

CIOT has held concerns over the BRC scheme from the outset, especially over how it would be implemented and advertised as well as over the legal basis for issuing penalties before tax returns had been submitted. During the consultation period, CIOT made submissions identifying the necessity for HMRC to train the appropriate staff adequately and apply the correct standards in their assessments.

The organisation also insisted that HMRC should ensure that businesses are made fully aware of what’s expected of them vis-à-vis business records and should only issue penalties for the most serious breaches. Mr Thomas also believes that HMRC should not expect the smallest businesses “to have perfect records written up every day.”

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