The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) believes that the ‘Taxpayers’ Charter’ implemented by HMRC is extremely important with regards to the relationship between taxpayers and the taxman. The Charter was drawn up following this year’s Finance Act and it has now been officially launched. As a result, taxpayers can now expect to be treated fairly and with respect. There is also a responsibility on HMRC to explain decisions and rules and to ensure that any errors are rectified quickly. They also must make sure taxpayers are aware of their rights at all time.

The Charter was launched by the Rt. Hon. Stephen Timms MP who is the Financial Secretary to the Treasury. CIOT Tax Policy Director, John Whiting, spoke at the launch. He said: The Charter is an important step forward in relations between taxpayers and the taxman and will help people in their dealings with HMRC. It is a key signpost and safeguard for taxpayers, particularly for those who do not have an adviser.”

He continued: “The Chartered Institute of Taxation has been very active in calling for a Taxpayers’ Charter and we are delighted that the final Charter reflects many of our proposals for what it should include. The first draft of the Charter was deeply disappointing and wholly inadequate but HMRC deserve credit for listening to representations from ourselves and other tax professionals and producing a much improved final text.”

In conclusion, Whiting stated: “Implementation of the Charter is crucial. I am delighted that the Financial Secretary has shown his own commitment to the Charter by personally launching it. It is important that it is properly publicised throughout HMRC, among tax advisers and among taxpayers generally. The CIOT are committed to playing our part in this.”

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