Umbrella company employees using social networks to keep an eye on new contracting opportunities might do well to pay particular attention to Twitter. According to new research from Bullhorn, Twitter has overtaken Facebook as the recruitment network of choice for both recruiters and candidates in the UK.

Bullhorn’s Global Social Recruiting Activity Report sampled the social media preferences of 33,800 recruiters in the UK and found that 28% were now actively using Twitter ‒ almost double the number using Facebook (15%). Twitter is also attracting significantly more views per job posting – two-and-a-half times as many as Facebook, in fact.

Twitter has been growing vigorously in the UK, skyrocketing over the last year alone from 10 million active users to just under 15 million. This is reflected in the changes in recruiters’ social media connections: their LinkedIn connections grew by just 12% (from 840 to 940), while their Twitter followers leapt by 46% to reach an average of over 550.

LinkedIn remains the king of the castle as far as professional networks are concerned, but as Bullhorn’s international MD, Peter Linas, observed, candidates are starting to look to other networks. Successful recruiters can no longer rely solely on LinkedIn, he said, and must now be active over the whole spectrum of social platforms if they are to “maximise their chances of finding the best candidates.”

Mr Linas added: “By embracing Facebook and Twitter for sourcing, recruiters expand their candidate pools significantly. Facebook’s user base grew to 1.28 billion active monthly users in 2014 and Twitter now stands at 271 million users – these aren’t numbers top recruiters can ignore.”

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