More UK companies may consider using umbrella companies to help relieve their employees of excessive workloads in the wake of new research from the Hays Group.  Despite setting ambitious growth targets for 2011, nearly half of the CEOs polled (46 per cent) admitted that their existing staff already had too much work to manage.

The Hays study also points to a major disconnect between business strategy and personnel performance management – the two do not seem to be aligned in any practical way, even though 80 per cent of employers agree that a key driver of business success is individual performance management.  Less than a quarter of the firms polled had any realistic means in place of aligning company strategy with performance management.  A crude “tick box” exercise in performance strategy was the best that 36 per cent of business leaders had come up with.

The management of employee performance is at the heart of business success, according to Hay Group Associate Director, Matt Cosby.  Even so, many employers seem to consider it a tedious chore, with the result that the growth they are seeking simply will not be delivered.  Growth requires a tailored approach to a company’s values, strategy and culture, Cosby maintains.

Other research from the telecoms company Gradwell might persuade overstretched permanent employees to consider life as a PAYE umbrella contractor.  30 per cent of respondents to the survey admitted that they feel obliged to pick up and make business calls when they are on annual leave.  The conclusion drawn by Gradwell is that companies are pressurising their employees – especially those in managerial positions –to continuing their work tasks during holiday periods.

Contracting through umbrella companies starts to look a very tempting option when pressures like this are common.

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