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A former NHS employee from Derby who was made redundant last year has found a new career as a self-employed, freelance worker, turning her misfortune to advantage. She is now urging unemployed people in search of a job to consider following the same course. Sue Clarke is selling a range of nutritional and skincare products, and plans to manage her own team of sellers before very long.

Is it worth the risk?

Many people are wary of stepping into the self-employed arena, anxious that having to handle their own tax affairs might be onerous and difficult to do accurately. This is where umbrella companies can help; these are companies that enable freelance workers, like Sue and others who contract out their services, to work tax efficiently. They are also able to ensure that any HMRC legal requirements are met. This can be of great benefit to newcomers to freelance working who want to focus on their core skills and competencies without having to deal with administration and tax assessments.

Freelance workers dominate certain sectors, notably the IT and technical fields, as well as the creative, media, marketing and PR sectors. Sue said: “I wasn’t sure about going for this kind of job but taking the jump has paid off and I’m not going back to mainstream work.”

Sue’s local newspaper, the Derby Telegraph, is currently running a campaign aimed at enabling those who have been unemployed for a long time to get back to work by highlighting the experience and skills of a team of ten local job-hunters in a bid to improve their employability.

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