New research data shows that 60 per cent of small firms are unhappy with the reliability and speed of their broadband service. Thirteen per cent of the 1300 small firms surveyed said they would actually consider moving premises in order to secure a better connection which is unsurprising considering 30 per cent of respondents said they currently have an unreliable connection. This data comes at a crucial time, since the Digital Economy Bill is set to be debated next week in the House of Lords.

The Federation of Small Businesses is now urging the government to put in place a decent broadband infrastructure to ensure small firms are actually receiving the broadband service they are promised when they sign up to it.

Federation of Small Businesses Chairman, John Wright said: “The online world is crucial to small business development, especially as small firms look to grow and expand as the economy recovers. Small businesses, particularly in rural areas, have been promised action to deal with slow broadband and the ‘notspots’ – where there is no broadband access – but they have seen little action.

“These figures show that the broadband service provided to small firms is letting them down. Small businesses need fast and reliable broadband to ensure the UK remains a key player in the global economy. The Digital Economy Bill gives the Government a chance to guarantee Britain becomes a real competitor and the FSB is calling on the Government to enforce rules on service providers and regulators so that small firms are given the fair deal they deserve.”

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