The Association of Employment Management Companies (AEMC) has posted a blog which praises the UK’s flexible workforce and calls for wider recognition of the worth of the 1.4 million freelance workers in the UK.

By calling for a “fresh approach to freelancing”, AEMC are asking the government to acknowledge the contribution that freelancers make to the UK economy. AEMC believe that policymakers have yet to acknowledge the benefits of a flexible workforce or the range of skills and experience that this workforce has to offer. The AEMC are calling for the regulatory burden experienced by contractors to be abolished.

This year will bring the next general election and AEMC will be lobbying for political parties to acknowledge the freelancing workforce and to promote a fairer taxation framework for contractors. Also on their agenda is the abolition of the often-costly tendering process which often sees contractors unable to compete with bigger businesses.

The blog continued: “The next government must encourage freelancing as a flexible, innovative and entrepreneurial way of working that enables business to perform more cost effectively, especially when recovering from recession.”

This call for fairer treatment of freelancers comes at a time when temporary contracts have risen faster than any other month in two and a half years according to the Report on Jobs published by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and KPMG. This is mirrored by Crystal Umbrella’s own experience which saw a sharp increase in temporary placement throughout December which has continued into January.

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