Umbrella Company Employees and others in the professional contracting community may find themselves facing multiple offers from the UK’s automotive industry, as rising demand for cars and components brings a looming skills shortage to light.

Provided they can offer industry-specific experience and automotive-based skill-sets, contractors are poised to be snapped up by car manufacturers who are competing for talent from a limited pool. This is a clear implication of a new survey of 28 UK automotive firms by West Midlands-based recruiter Consilium Group, which specialises in the sector.

57 percent of the employers polled expect to expand their workforces in 2015 and 52 percent anticipate having to increase pay rates or bonuses to attract and keep the most prized talent.

The automotive industry last year achieved its highest output since 2007, manufacturing 1.5 million cars and attracting £2.5 billion in investment. In the last three years alone, Land Rover, which was severely hit by the recession, has appointed 8,000 new workers.

While confidence in the industry has hit an all-time high, the competition to find the talent to sustain the recovery could be intense. China and India are also seeking British workmanship (and cars) on an unprecedented scale.

Consilium Group’s founder and director, Russell Tuck, said: “This year’s review has highlighted that employers are now competing for talent from a limited pool of automotive-based skill-sets and industry-specific experience. Candidates will often find themselves with multiple job offers, meaning the region’s employers not only need to compete for talent in the first place but also focus on the wider issue of staff retention.”

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