A new report has been published which shows that It contractors in the UK continue to be disadvantaged by incredibly slow broadband internet speeds, in comparison to most of the other European countries.

The was a joint research project between Oxford University and the University of Oviedo which is based in Spain. The research was conducted on behalf of Cisco. The results showed that of the 66 countries that they examined worldwide, Britain’s broadband infrastructure was ranked number 31.

In fact, findings from this research report that many households in Britain still cannot gain broadband speeds of 2Mbps. Britain is therefore overshadowed by the broadband infrastructure of South Korea, Bulgaria, Latvia, Denmark and Holland.

The report also questions the ability of Britain’s broadband to compete in the years to come, stating that it was only just “meeting the needs of today”. This effectively means that if there is no future investments into increasing speed and bandwidths, then It contractors in this country could be left struggling. Technological advances, including high definition video, may require speeds of up to 11Mbps.

Speaking to the BBC, Joanne Hughes from Cisco said: “We forecast the UK will improve because of things such as cable networks being upgraded and the Digital Britain report focusing on next generation access.”

It has already been reported that Britain may soon see the introduction of a tax for broadband users, equivalent to around 50p per month, in order to finance the development of Britain’s next-generation broadband.

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