BP has decided to eliminate its IT freelance staff in an effort to reduce cost given the current economic decline.  If any IT freelance worker wants to continue working with the oil and gas company, they will have to sign a new contract which will mean a significant reduction to their current salary. 

It is expected that freelance workers will have to take a 10% reduction in their salary.  If freelance workers are willing to accept the smaller salary they need to do so quickly.  BP will look to fill the positions with other workers beginning as early as March 1st.

The freelance workers that faced terminations of contracts were told that “As a valued contractor BP expects that you will make every effort to support this change and ensure minimal impact to the delivery of service to our business.”

Ironically, BP received profits worth around $25.6 billion during 2008.  This impressive figure sets a new record for the company.  The explanation for why the company is forcing its freelance staff to accept reduced pay was stated as “given the impact of the deflationary economic environment.”

Many experts in the freelance field have expressed surprise at the tactics that BP has taken to cut costs.  One of the biggest surprises is that the freelancers who are facing losing their jobs are being forced to make a decision about a reduction in their salary in a very short amount of time. 

Thanks to www.contractoruk.com for the initial report.

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