Umbrella Company employees and other skilled professionals specialising in big data and analytics are set to earn more than double the average wage in the United Kingdom due to unprecedented demand for their services.


A new report published by software expert SAS this week shows that more than 55,000 big data job positions will be created on an annual basis during the next decade. Big data professionals are currently earning an average of £55,000 as demand continues to outstrip supply by a wide margin, which represents a 24% increase on the average IT position.


Big data experts remain the most difficult to source, according to the Big Data Analytics: Demand for Labour and Skills, 2013-2020 report. 77% of big data positions have either been ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ difficult to recruit for during the last 12 months and are currently harder to fill than those in areas such as finance, management, IT/communications and business intelligence.


Big data and the Internet of Things is the hot topic in business in 2014, with organisations now investing significant resources into making sense of social media information and other huge pools of data in order to make better decisions.

Karen Price, director of the Tech Partnership, explained: “This report confirms that big data is a highly significant growth area for the UK economy, yet there is a real shortage of skilled people coming into the industry. With the number of available jobs in big data increasing every year, it’s vital that we attract new talent into the industry to ensure that businesses have the skilled staff they need to grow and be successful.”

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