IT professionals contracting as Umbrella Company Employees can look forward to a bumper year in 2016 if they have demonstrable skills in BI (business intelligence), cloud security, big data, real-time data science and IoT (Internet of Things), specialist IT recruiter SearchBI suggests.

These are projected to be the main issues for the niche information technology sector next year, according to the recruiter. SearchBI predicts huge demand for self-service business IT in the coming 12 months.

Search BI director Richard Deas said: “Next year, we will see BI and analytics reach new heights − as advanced data technologies emerge, businesses will process and store more information than ever before. As a result, they will be looking for a next-generation BI and analytics platform that helps them tap into the power of their data, whether in the cloud or on premises.”

His colleague, co-director Mark Harbottle, added: “Many companies are implementing ever-more sophisticated cloud-based ‘security-as-a-service’ offering as part of strategies to protect all facets of an organisation’s IT infrastructure. Now, with so many IT services being outsourced, cloud-based security is likely to explode.”

Mr Harbottle went on to say that BI tools delivering data for connected devices are certain to thrive over the next year; however, he hinted at the prospect of a skills shortage. He explained that unless investment in these subjects is sustained to guarantee a steady stream of qualified, talented and highly-educated young people in these specialist fields, so craved by industry and commerce, sustainable growth in the wider economy may be compromised.

Contracting IT professionals with the requisite skills can, it seems, expect to be heavily in demand.

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