Freelance workers, including those who work for limited companies and umbrella companies, making their living in the gas and oil industries have never before had better safety standards than they do today, according to a brand new study. A new Health & Safety report that has been issued by Oil & Gas UK has claimed that the facilities that are made use of by offshore workers in the 21st century are extremely well maintained.

Oil & Gas UK has also added that it will be offering gas and oil freelance workers a yearly offshore safety guide in the future, which will also feature details of new initiatives and projects.

“The report serves to underline the fact that the UK has one of the most robust offshore health and safety regimes in the world,” says the health and safety director of Oil & Gas UK, Robert Paterson. “Despite being a major hazard industry, the oil and gas sector is outperforming many other UK sectors in terms of non-fatal injuries to workers – with only education and finance doing better.”

The 2012 Economic Report from Oil & Gas UK, which was released just last week, also revealed that those companies which operate in the gas and oil industries have contributed as much as £11.2 billion to the UK Treasury in terms of direct taxes, and as much as £6 billion when it comes to corporation tax.

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