The latest Bank of Scotland Report on Jobs reveals that vacancies for temporary/contracting staff north of the border reached their highest point since February, while vacancies for permanent staff hit their highest point in the survey’s 11-year history.

There has been no shortage of opportunities for Umbrella Company Employees and other contractors in Scotland, with pay rates for temporary and contracting staff rising vigorously on the previous month and at a slightly faster rate than during the previous survey period.

The rate of growth in temporary/contracting placements, as recorded by Scottish recruitment consultancies, was faster than at any time since January. Sector by sector, demand was greatest for temporary/contracting staff in nursing/medical/care, closely followed in second and third places by the core contractor disciplines of IT & computing and engineering & construction. Demand for accounts & financial contractors came fifth in the league table, just behind blue collar demand but well ahead of executive & professional, which saw the weakest demand.

The Report’s Labour Market Barometer, a composite indicator providing a single-number snapshot of labour market conditions, soared from 61.8 in May to 65.1 in June, a record high in the survey’s history.

Commenting on the latest figures, the Bank of Scotland’s chief economist, Donald MacRae, said: “June’s Barometer reached a record high in the eleven and a half years of the survey. The number of people appointed to jobs increased, while vacancies grew at a robust rate. The number of candidates available for both permanent and temporary jobs fell, accompanied by a record rise in starting salaries. The recovery in the Scottish economy looks set to continue.”

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