Recruiters have expressed concern about a “lack of co-operation” from clients in relation to the Agency Workers Regulations, the REC reports.

Contractors working through umbrella companies and limited companies alike have been keeping a keenly tuned ear open for news of the impact of the AWR, especially since the equal treatment measures kicked in for the first time on 24th December. The REC reveals that the anticipated flurry of queries and request for information from workers has not emerged, but some clients have been less than forthcoming in supplying relevant data to their agencies.

REC Solicitor and Head of Professional Services, Lewina Farrell, said:

“As predicted, the world did not suddenly come to an end on 24th December. We will monitor the situation closely over the next few weeks and continue to ensure that recruiters are properly briefed in terms of handling any queries or claims from workers.”

“Relatively few calls came into to the emergency legal helpline over the Christmas period, which is a good sign. However, the feedback from members confirms that some clients remain reluctant to share relevant information for equal treatment purposes with their recruitment partners. An immediate priority is to continue reinforcing the message that the AWR is an issue for both agencies and clients.”

Ms Farrell went on to warn that employment tribunals will hold clients who fail to provide relevant information to their agencies liable for any breaches of the AWR which arise through their unwillingness to co-operate. She added, “…it is everyone’s interests to develop effective communication channels and imperative that clients pass the appropriate information to their recruitment partners in a timely fashion.”

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