The freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace has just released an analysis showing that demand for Umbrella Company Employees and other independent professionals specialising in mobile technology may be undergoing a shift in emphasis: billings for Android developers are now growing at a faster pace than those for iPhone developers.

In the first quarter of 2014, the number of jobs posted on the site for Android specialists climbed to 11,141 ‒ a 33.9% increase on the last quarter of 2013. Meanwhile, iPhone developer jobs rose to 10,207, coming in slightly behind the Android total at 32.0%.

This appears to be the result of two converging tendencies: Android is on course to dominate 70% of the European smartphone market, with Apple lagging well behind at 19%, and Android is also being rapidly taken up in emerging markets. Overall, mobile phone jobs climbed by 35.3% to hit 13,340 new openings.

The figures also reveal a major increase in jobs for 3D technologists between Q4 2013 and Q1 2014. 3D rendering jobs soared to 2,784, representing a rise of 43.9%, while 3D animation leapfrogged to 3,183 ‒an increase of 35.7%. The other chief beneficiary of the surge in three-dimensional technology was 3D modelling, with job postings rising by 34.5% to his 3,230.

Other freelancers enjoying appreciable increases in demand included graphic designers (billings rose to 51,389 in Q1), illustrators (postings up by 32.7%) and animators (up by 21.3%).

Copywriting and ghostwriting freelancers also saw a big rebound in demand, with increases of 17.7% (8,029 jobs) and 41.5% (5,807 jobs) respectively.

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