Umbrella companies may experience a surge in growth as increasing numbers of young people seek more flexible working arrangements, argues Recruitment and Employment Confederation Chief Executive Kevin Green.

Green believes that younger workers especially are searching for additional perks, like remote working, and he thinks the time has come for employers to take note. He thinks employers need to heed these aspirations and modify their employment practises accordingly if they want to keep a basically loyal and happy workforce. The REC, Green argues, has found that “there are more and more young people who are wanting to work in a flexible way.”

The days of the aloof employer-boss who adopts a ‘take it or leave it’ approach to his employees have gone. Intelligent company leaders, Green believes, should now “put plenty of emphasis” on actively engaging their employees to show that “their thoughts and preferences are being considered by their superiors.” He suggests that successful firms must learn to manage different types of contractual relationships, a development which, if pursued, would lead to the increased use of PAYE umbrella contractors.

Mr Green’s remarks segue neatly with research findings recently published by Office Team, showing that most HR directors in the UK know that they need to offer other attractions beyond good salaries if they are to retain the goodwill and motivation of their workforce. Encouragingly, a sizeable majority of those polled – 68% – revealed that they already provide options, such as remote working, in preference to monetary perks. Moreover, 86% of the UK’s largest corporations are actively encouraging flexible working, the study found.

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