A significant percentage of IT professionals think that the downturn had a positive impact on the UK’s IT sector.

New research by Randstad Technologies shows that almost one-fifth (19%) of the IT pros surveyed believed the industry benefited from the recession, compared to just 16% of workers from other industries.

Many umbrella company techies and other freelancing IT professionals will vividly recall that contracting assignments were initially hit hard by the recession; however, the picture has changed markedly. As companies slashed IT budgets in the aftermath of the downturn, the remaining IT pros found themselves contending with massively increased workloads and this hard grafting appears to have translated into much better career opportunities.

Contractors will also have noticed that the workload accompanying the projects to which they were assigned became heavier and more demanding; however, as with their permanent colleagues, the effects were largely positive in the longer run, exposing them to working efficiently in a leaner environment and driving them to expand their skill sets in a way that might not have happened if more staff had been available to share the tasks.

Randstad Technologies’ MD, Mike Beresford, described the IT and technology sector as “one of the most dynamic and fast-moving industries on the planet”, with IT undoubtedly helping companies to reshape the way in which they did business during the recession.

Mr Beresford added: “As a result, tech staff are far more used to handling change than many other industries, and it’s extremely encouraging to see that so many employees are keen for further change to be implemented for the sector to continue striding forward.”

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