Agency group Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) have stated their position on the immigration cap and intra-company transfers while responding to UK Border Agency and Migration Advisory Committee consultations . APSCo have said that they are opposed to the immigration cap but they are also against the introduction of any cap which does not include ICTs. The group believes that ICT rules are often exploited with many non-EU workers coming to the UK with skills which are not in short supply.

APSCo Chief Executive, Ann Swain, commented: “While APSCo is opposed to an immigration cap in principle, if we are going to have one it is nonsensical to exclude intra-company transfers. The Government is determined to push ahead with a cap, but if intra-company transfers are excluded, it’s largely a political gesture that will do little to restrict the influx of non-EU IT workers to the UK.”

Ms Swain continued: “We urge the Government to include intra-company transfers within the cap. A reduction in the number of intra-company transfers would be compensated for by increased employment within the existing pool of resident IT professionals. Most workers coming to the UK on intra-company transfers have generic skill sets that are readily available in this country. We are certain that a large proportion of these roles, if advertised at UK market rates, could be filled by the resident labour market.”
She concluded: “A cap is a blunt instrument that would struggle to provide the flexibility that UK plc needs. How would employers access specialist skills once the immigration limit had been reached?”

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