The latest employment trends report from APSCo reveals that Umbrella Company employees and other independent professionals in the UK’s professional contracting community are amongst those prospering in a vigorously recovering professional jobs market.

Overall, placements for temporary/contracting and permanent professional talent were 29 per cent higher than the level achieved at the same time last year.

Recruitment for accounting and finance professionals has been especially strong, driven by the move by the Big Four accounting firms to substantially increase their graduate recruitment levels this year. PwC and KPMG, for instance, intend to appoint 30 per cent more candidates in 2014 than in 2013.

Financial organisations are recruiting permanent staff at the fastest rate since before the recession, although the number of contracting assignments in the sector remains strong and recruitment of professional contractors and permies alike has been vigorous in all the sectors monitored in the report.

With GDP figures showing a consistent growth pattern, employers are beginning to focus on recruiting long-term candidates to help drive their growth plans. Contract vacancies, which have been somewhat volatile, have stabilised at an impressive 10 per cent growth rate.

Commenting on the report, APSCo CEO Ann Swain said: “The latest GDP results, coupled with our monthly data showing impressive growth across all professional sectors, makes me confident that the remainder of 2014 will be prosperous for employers and employees alike. Despite this, however, organisations do need to plan to ensure they have the right talent on board to fuel growth in the coming months. Effective talent attraction and retention strategies will be fundamental as we progress throughout the year.”

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