Flexible workers specialising in IT currently have an ideal opportunity to leverage big data due to a severe shortage of relevant skills in the area. This shortage is “holding all sectors back”, according to a UK-wide study published by EMC Corporation.

Umbrella Company techies could take advantage of this shortage, which has left 60% of large organisations without the ability to use customers’ data in an ethical, compliant and responsible manner. The shortage is particularly frustrating as these companies believe that utilising big data effectively could be the key to their next wave of growth.

The retail sector is the closest to unlocking this growth, as it has the highest big data score for infrastructure, leadership and skills. Financial institutions and banks are the least likely to benefit, recording the lowest score in the table published by ECM.

Banks and financial institutions are currently being hamstrung by regulatory restrictions, according to the study. 37% of organisations in the sector said that compliance concerns remain the biggest barrier to making better use of the data available to them. The IT and telco sector also scored poorly; however, this sector has a growing desire to hire skilled professionals for big data jobs during the next 12 months.

The latest study follows a report earlier this week showing that skilled professionals specialising in big data are set to benefit from the creation of over 50,000 jobs on an annual basis over the next six years.

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