A Nottingham-based recruitment agency has devised a new incentive to encourage employers to hire permanent IT staff instead of continuing to hire IT contractors to fill their positions. Ratio Search & Solutions are offering to pay the candidate’s first month’s wage if they are taken on as a permanent employee. This incentive aims to increase the demand for full-time, permanent IT staff and is applicable to any of the permanent ICT job-seekers and end clients on the agency’s books.

Ratio Search & Solutions have revealed that the development of this incentive has been as a direct result of the continued use of temps to fill IT positions. They have admitted that their incentive is a ‘radical’ step, however, with the current economic climate still affecting recruitment, they said that many employers are still reluctant to hire permanent, full-time employees.

Their incentive to employers is not just financial. While Ratio will pay the first month’s salary of any successful candidate, they are also offering a guarantee to the employer that is that employee leaves the company within the first twelve months, a replacement will be provided.

Recruitment director of Ratio Search & Solutions, Steve Byrne, spoke to MicroScope about this recent development at the agency. He said that they hoped the incentive would “knock down some of the barriers” to permanent employment.

He continued: “We have never seen such demand for temporary staff”. He attributed this to the fact that contract staff do not increase overheads for employers.

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