Skilled contractors in the energy sector are in great demand in Aberdeen.

However they’re in such short supply that the Aberdeen city council, in conjunction with the local companies that urgently require workers, has been targeting European job fairs. There are apparently candidates on the continent with the necessary skills and every effort is being made to bring them to Scotland’s north-east.  Another favourable factor is that such EU based workers do not require a visa to live and work in the UK.

The campaign is being organised by Heather Farquhar, of Aberdeen’s Marischal College.  In her role as senior officer for employability, skills and community enterprise, she is well qualified to tackle the job.  She stated that Athens has now been added to the list of likely recruitment sites due to the fact that there is a shipbuilding industry and oil refineries in the area.  Such industries are becoming more and more involved in the energy sector and are a likely source of recruits.

Companies recruiting will have to pay any associated costs themselves but the advertising at recruitment events will be free of charge.

There are several on-going and start-up projects in Aberdeen at the moment with numerous vacancies for contractors.

The assurance given by the UK government that it will enter into binding contracts indicating the tax relief it will allow companies decommissioning their assets, is also expected to boost the energy sector.

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