Having traded for 7 years as No Longer Limited, Directors Colin Howell and Alan Little have decided that, along with forthcoming new solutions and services to contractors and recruitment agencies, Crystal Umbrella will spearhead the company into leading the way in new generation payment solutions.

The change from No Longer Limited to Crystal Umbrella will enable our audience to have a clearer understanding of what services we offer as an umbrella service to both contractors and agencies alike. The new brand name, along with supporting sales and marketing collateral, will also continue where the No Longer Limited brand left off, in promoting and encouraging compliancy, security and transparency in the payment solutions market.

Crystal Umbrella’s CEO Colin Howell, is a Director of the Association of Employment Management Companies (AEMC), who were launched to provide a unified voice and a comprehensive set of standards for the umbrella industry.

Crystal Umbrella will continue to evolve into the industry standard for equality and awareness, both internally and externally.

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