Umbrella companies supplying professionals in the IT skills market are set for a bumper year in the London area thanks to the 2012 Olympics, according to the specialist IT recruitment company Langley James.

The firm’s founder and director, recruitment expert James Toovey, says that the city’s hosting of the games in 2012 should lead IT professionals across the UK to consider a move to the capital, at least temporarily. IT contracting in particular is likely to experience a major boost in demand, with the Olympic and Paralympic Games generating a major surge in short-term IT jobs ideally suited to freelancers.

Although IT job opportunities of all types will rise, IT specialists looking for short-term contractor posts are likely to be most in demand, he added. The sheer weight of the workload required to get the show up and running on time will feed this demand, as will the amount of time being taken off by people during the Olympics event itself. Temporary vacancies will have to be filled by adequately skilled and qualified staff.

IT professionals sticking to the permanent model of employment will not benefit nearly as greatly as temporary contractors, however, warned Mr Toovey, even though some long-term new ventures will start up on the legacy of the event. Mainly, short-term contractor posts will be available largely because of IT staff taking time off to view the Olympics.

If ever there was a good time for IT professionals to consider a switch from permanent roles to PAYE umbrella contracting, this is very probably it.

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